Base Pricing and Session Booking

Choose the option and pricing that best fits your goals. An email will be sent to you with a date and time, or next available times/days


Option 1

Reiki, Symphonic Seraphic Energy Fusion Session (People, Pet or Animal) System Cleanse, Phonic Energy Full Body Massage, or Consultations

30-Minute Tuneup or Communication  – $35

1 Hour – $65

1.5 Hours – $95

Hands on or hover technique – Includes summary


Neck and Shoulder Massage
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Option 3

Core Healing, Symphonic Universe Healing Session ALTA Portal Psychic Surgery Facilitating

1 Hour – $160

1.5 Hour – $240

2 Hour – $420

3 Hour – $560

3.5 Hour – $680

Includes feedback report/suggestions. May include entity extraction, dissolve of unwanted energy applications/buildup, healing from angelic chambered light. Removal of energetic tags and hooks. Life force field (aura gate) sealing. Primarily for serious illness, disease, or cancer. This healing system is through levels of concern with applied healing frequencies.


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Option 2

Soul Check; Clearing; Environmental Allergies; Systematic Weaknesses; and Mood Enhancement.

1 Hour – $88

1.5 Hours – $138

Angelic properties, soul(s) progression in life path, dimensional (experience) properties, entity check, systematic weaknesses, environmental allergies. Adjustment of energy centers (chakras) for anxiety (overload), removal of disease (shutdown), compromised energy systems (fracture or blocks).


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Option 4

Hypnotic Guided Meditation of Past (Karmic) or Current Life Regression Healing Journey : Life Path Soul Healing, Life Angelic Visitation, and Self Healing; Hypnosis BQH or Introspective

1 Hour $160 (Soon offering free training sessions)

1.5 Hour $250

2 Hour $420

(Zoom, or in-person session.) 

Seeking of guidance and information in restoring lost power or binding soul fragments in understanding of current life path. Soul trauma healing, self healing assistance.


Reiki Treatment
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